This is not LNG as you know it. Port Edward LNG would be a small-scale LNG project just over one-percent of the size of a large facility. We will supply LNG for export and domestic customers looking to switch from carbon-intensive fuels, such as coal or diesel, to cleaner natural gas.

Port Edward LNG is a locally owned and operated British Columbia company excited about the potential to be part of the Port Edward and Prince Rupert communities.

Yes, in fact there are more small-scale facilities operating around the world, including here in British Columbia, than there are mega-projects.

A unique site in close proximity to supporting industrial infrastructure and existing marine facilities while removed from residential and commercial areas.

Port Edward LNG is not a mega project that will drastically change the face of Port Edward. We have worked hard to design both facility and operations on our site that will fit within the community plan.

Safety will be our number one focus at every stage of the project through construction and facility operations, both for our people and the community.

Our facility is being designed to minimize environmental impacts wherever possible. These mitigation efforts include using clean, emission-free hydro-electric power to run the facility and employing state-of-the-art technology to keep the local environment clean.

Our site will provide safe and easy access to the Port of Prince Rupert over Highway 16 through the soon-to-be-completed south access road.

There would be no new marine facilities built nor would our project see any significant increase in marine traffic or shipping.

Port Edward LNG looks forward to providing support to families and other local benefits while respecting the people and environment of the North Coast. We will also be the first addition to Port Edward’s industrial tax base in many years, which will help the District support vital community programs and services. Another exciting aspect of this project is the positive impact it will have lowering PNG delivery rates for the more than 20,000 customers between Prince Rupert and Prince George.

Yes, wherever possible Port Edward LNG will be hiring locally and using local suppliers. We will also be supporting training programs to help local workers become qualified for some of the more specialized project tasks.

Our project would be built and operated on the traditional territories of the Tsimshian communities. We are committed to meaningful engagement with First Nations on whose traditional territory we will operate.

Port Edward LNG has received its LNG Facilities permit from the BC Oil & Gas Commission, has rezoned the land and is working with the District of Port Edward to advance the project.

We envisage a two-year construction timeline starting Q3 2022 with operations to follow immediately thereafter.

Did You Know?

Natural gas is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon. It produces fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) and particulate emissions than coal or diesel.

For more than 50 years, LNG has been successfully used throughout the world.

Many Asian countries are switching from coal to natural gas to reduce air pollution. Using LNG from British Columbia can result in substantial net global GHG reductions while significantly improving air quality.

Liquified natural gas, or LNG, is natural gas that has been cooled to -162C. At this point, it becomes a clear, odourless, non-corrosive and non-toxic liquid. When exposed to the environment, LNG rapidly evaporates, leaving no residue on water or soil.

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